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Advanced Technology for Spectacular Results

Manufacturing  Process

  • Melting’s function is to provide qualified molten aluminum for casting wheels. Each melting furnace group includes ingot melting furnace, chip melting furnace, and holding furnace. Scrap from each process and machining chips are recycled and “melted” 100%.
  • The Casting process, which is the key step in producing wheels, is the forming process. The Casting line includes intelligent casting units, molds, and information systems, which are designed and integrated by Dicastal. This key technology is fully developed by Dicastal.
  • The Casting Auxiliary process is a continuation of casting, in which we perform cooling, etching of the matrix code, de-spruing, X-Ray inspecting, and automatic stamping. Etching machines provide the unique ID for each wheel through the matrix code etched on each wheel. This code is used to capture and track process information in DMS.
  • The Heat Treatment process utilizes the solution, quenching, and aging methods to modify the inside structure of the wheel to achieve the mechanical properties required.
  • DNA’s Machining process is a manufacturing process to cut wheels with high accuracy to ensure assembly. Each machining cell consists of (1) CNC machine in OP 1, (1) CNC machine in OP 2, (1) drilling machine in OP 3, and intelligent automatic fieldbus controls independently developed by Citic Dicastal, capable of automatic inspection and adjustment. The unique four-layer, error-proofing of Dicastal was created to avoid the risk of machine crashes and substantially improve the safety system, making it the most advanced wheel machining line in the world!
  • The Machining Auxiliary area is a continuation of the machining department, in which we perform key operations such as deburring, washing, balance testing, and helium leak testing.
  • The DNA Paint process creates products with high-appearance quality and corrosion resistance, making the wheels beautiful and durable to satisfy requirements from many customers. The design concept and manufacturing capability of DNA’s paint process is one of the most advanced systems in the world, and is one of the fastest wheel production lines.



Dicastal North America aims to save resources and protect our environment by recycling scraps from each process + machining chips whenever possible and complying with all regulations from OSHA (United States Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency).

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